I am a sworn translator/interpreter of English, entered into the list of sworn translators of the Ministry of Justice with number TP/676/07. Moreover, I hold a license of a technical translator/interpreter of the NOT [the Chief Technical Organization - Polish Federation of Engineering Associations].

I specialize in such fields as: law, economy, finances, renewable energies, marine industry, machinery, engineering, construction, selected areas of medicine. Thanks to my longtime experience, I also translate texts of many other subjects.

As a sworn interpreter, I participate in notarial, official and legal actions and in interrogations. I am also hired by private clients to assist them in business negotiations. I interpret during conferences and official meetings of the municipal authorities with their guests and delegations visiting our city.

I support research workers of local universities and colleges in preparing their papers for publication in English-language scientific journals and I help them prepare themselves to give lectures or speeches in English during conferences or symposia.

I participate in large translation projects organized by reputable translation agencies from all over Poland, as well I coordinate delivery of such projects by other translators.

Aside from that, I render translation services to individual clients (certificates, licenses, invoices, motor vehicle documentation, diplomas, last wills and testimonies, etc.).

I guarantee high quality of my work, reasonably short terms of delivery, competitive prices and discretion.

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